Here I am caught in a dilemma

In the middle of my passion

That I feel the need to act in

While on the other hand

Of purity that I want to be in

To be between following God

And doing my own will

To only be lukewarm

Leaving God to do one thing

Which will only spew me out

Having to daily struggle in

Keeping my eyes focused on what’s satisfying

Yet to still be blind in

Looking upon a young lady

Having to know; yes It will fairly lift me up

But I can just take part in it for a while

What harm can it do?

With the knowledge of knowing

Yes in purity of Christ I am always fulfilled

Why then I’m i so weak to

Let go of his grace

In replacement of such

Passion that can

Be performed so strong

Yet to be so weak

To be so fun

Yet not lasting

For I am to feel ill

For me to believe

It will heal me

But yet to sacrifice

All I know to keep me strong

Just to initiate in lifeless passion

With the sweetness of saying

I’m only making love

But know this

Love can not be made

And it’s not a synonym

Of getting laid


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