Some are Lost, but not in lust

Some deal with Hate, to never be loved

Some having distress blocking out comfort

Some believe in the devil to overcome God

Many Claiming God, to longer exist

Or in fact to have never existed


my life

Is my life

Live as i see fit

Fit i am

F. I. T = Found in a trap

A trap i set for myself

By myself I shall escape


For my mistake

Are to  be corrected by my own hands

So leave me be

For i,  i will always be

And you to intervene is becoming a nuisance

For my life reigns without your presence

Your wasted presence

On my foreever freedom


Living how i can

And how i will always be

For always i will be living

While you die in your own despair of never being saved by anything


You walk to be lost

You seek to not be found

You are and will always be the one chasing

After life and never able to grab onto it


‘Never Ever’  to be a word ever spoken

Yet ‘Ever’ came into your life

To make it lasting

‘Everlasting’ it has become to be

‘Never ever’ is one thing that no longer exist

For everlasting you are dressed in white

Full of purity and grace screams your salvation

Grace that is undeserving

With flesh ever so deceiving

And will always be defeated


Pleasing God to be a goal that can be reached

We shout to be in love with Him

yet our action doesn’t always relay to him

Unforced to love him. Yes

Him to be ever so welcoming into his presence


Many lay in bed, filled with grief

Having to Lay in our bed all cold, so under our duvet

For such warmth

May we not be deaf to hear him calling us

Waking up 

Accepting him in our life

Our Groom of life

Knocks on our door

Never having to worry about fixing ourself 

For accepted we are by his grace

Having his love to radiate all over us

As we come face to face with our love


Salvation is worth having that’s healthy and blessed in His love,

cherish His grace and His love

We are human that are lost

We are human that have been lost

Yet found in His everlasting grace that last forever more


What are we to be called?

To continuously dwell in our sin

Yet claim to still be saved


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