Lost in Lust

My sleepless nights

Has become a night of texting

Texting her to come over

Just to have a sleepful night

Sorry, did that make sense

you have come to understand what I meant, right?

So again

My sleepless nights has come to become

A text calling her over

To have a sleepful night


For her to become my entertainment for the night

For me to be entertained in my lust

So I am lost

To look upon her in that way

The way I have paved for myself in dragging her down with me

With me? No!

For this is for my enjoyment

As I have convinced myself she is my slave to rule over her in my home


She is here now

For me to be happy she is here

Yes happy i am

Hold her close has she smells so…


She smells so…

I can’t describe but

Let her fragrance radiat all over

For her smile entice me


She is not my future wife

Yet I have such imagination to make her feel like she can be my future wife

I’m sorry I mean i manipulate her in believing she can be

How my arms are hidden behind my back as if i have a secret gift for her

I get on my knees as if i am to propose to her

But no

I carry her to the floor

As i get on my knees

O bow my head towards her thighs

And she she shivers

Yet she is not cold

She calls out to me for me

As she smiles

She feels ever so precious

Yet not precious enough for me to respect her

So i am able to still take heed to her Request of what she requires in her pleasure

So as a god i will please you enough that you will come calling right back to me

Come right back to me only when i call you

You shall come calling right back into me

Me that is in you

Yes i have printed enough of me in you that sickness you shall be

As i have come to pull you back down with me

Only for me to then leave you in the darkness that has no light for you

I mean i chose to be your light

False light covering my i my darkness that i couldn’t handle alone

so come down to join in with me



I chose to be a slave to the wrong master

I chose to to believe I was indeed a master

Having mastered the art of my words slithering into her hears

Similar to the words of a snake

Leaving us to take the bait


So much in death that all I knew was to stretch forth my hand so I can bring her down to death

Alone I shall not be in my death

So when she leaves she is alone in death


The very liquid I taste

To taste so nice yet bitter

The very liquid I taste

To have her body feeling loved

So I shall not stop

The very feeling of her being loved

Yet this is not love

She has became my wine glass

That i sip slowly like as if i’m on vacation

As we wrestle

with me to win leaving her to fall in love with me

As we wrestle

with me to win leaving her to fall in lost with me



My sleepless night

Is no more for she came around

My body felt no longer alone for she became my very entertainment

for my body to be dancing in joy

So dance the night away in love

Though it is not love but lust

No not lust yes lust

As in for us to be lost


My sleepless night

Has got me weak in my living

So i choose to not live it alone as i call her

My sleepless night

Sleep in her thighs

Sleep in her heart

For me to leave her being unloved by a loving action that allows us to be united


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