My god no longer exist

I served you enough, to live

I sacrificed so much, to be lifted

I loved you enough, to be loved

I am your servant willing to serve you for you are my God

My God, I love you

My God, you are wonderful

Be my  God now and forever

Your words that part sea

Your words that raises the dead from the ground

The so called dead with your words, spoken to declare them to only be sleeping

So you tap them on the shoulder and awake they become

My God you are powerful

Allow me to serve you now and forever

My God, I have come to realise you are my servant

Shall I say you are my slave

My God you are no God for you are false with your words

My God you no longer exist

As I come to slay you down

My god was only me

That spewed words that I thought I came up with but from a book that truly gave life to so much

Amazing I was to be so creative

NO! how foolish i have become

Foolishly stupid and blind that I was willing to replace this everlasting God so I can be God and enslave myself

My god no longer exist for I was never truly a god to begin with

But this new God of mine

Is but an old God that has reign from the beginning of days

The same God that remains the same no matter what

For He truly His God

I have no space to think of my old God for no longer you exist

But this God of mine remains the God of ages

My God be with me as I lift up my head to you

With my chains to be broken setting me free

Please cover my scars that remind me of my lost path

Here you are offering me your blood


To be renewed in love

I am no longer god but a child

Who has a father that is God

And this God will always be Holy

So my god no longer exist

I no longer exist

but Him that resides in me

serve this old God yet seems new each day

with Him to have always existed from the beginning of days.