The Great Escape


Freedom searching, peacefully to breath in grace, to seek to live in, searching of gaining experience that is to be known in this world. The great escape, well it could not be great enough escape but an escape it was indeed. Here I am at home dwelling in the love of grace, peace to be ever present, with love never failing, but a day appear unlike any other that I wish to not end but it leads to infatuation of such a blessing I was able to encounter.

As I lay on my bed, realising the heat in the room is in need of fresh air, with my lazy self, managing to sit up and get off my bed to open the double glazing window for fresh air, inhaling such smell that directs my eyes in the direction of her graceful beauty as she sits down beside a tree surrounded by the beauty of animals engaging with her smile of love, her long hair down to her waist, her smile striking my eyes, her lips calling my ears, as I closed my eye for a second, she was no more to be seen yet, my heart dared not to stop beating as I have become mesmerised by her enchanting glorious eyes to only pay attention to me and me alone.

As loneliness seek to sneak into my heart and mind, bed I return to closing my eyes, there she appears, this time I took my time to admire every bit of her, from her enticing lips, charming words, hypnotising eyes. Would it not be delightful if her lips were to taste my neck, have me go crazy, so she could hold me close to slow me down, wanting to feel her breath on my neck, may our hearts dance together all night long, having to grab hold of her hand like it’s the only hand I have ever held unto.

Day after day after day I am living and breathing, so here we are on the fourth day  after I was able to lay my eyes over such a lady, as I look to walk to my window, I notice a bright light shining just outside, with a voice singing calling onto my heart to take a leap. Her words of “Will you care to come with me?” With my response of “Yes, where shall we head to?” She responds with “A place you have not been to, or should I say a place you have daily ignored to explore” Stunned I was “Is there a place I dare ignore, for I know not a place” Here she goes on saying “Daily you have lived on to not explore such a place, explore it with me and only me, and leave you, I will not do because joy I offer you.”

“No need to pack any bags, for I will offer you all your needs, my love” she said, Coming to a conclusion of when and where to meet, Where our hands can divulge together in the sweet melody of comfort, Here is my words of goodbye to my father Knowing he wishes me not to depart, But understand how lost I shall not be as I am free to always call him always.  Out of the gate I walk past, 2 miles to have walked for Seeing her eyes lay upon me, She holds out her arm towards my chest Warns to change my appearance , For we are to dwell in how we look So look good for her I am to do, As she plans to show me off.

The idea to just be merry and have no worry is the slogan of the journey we are going on together, I am to enjoy everything, for she is to be my everything that she offers to me, has she has me she says and plans to not leave me, so my eyes open to the pleasures of life, to the pleasures of this world, she says “I brought you down here to bring you up in beauty, I am to renew you in greatness”.

After days, months, years of pleasure with the lack of knowledge of where I am living as I move around, the satisfaction I seem to acquire from my surroundings yet once in a while the feeling of death creeps in to torment, before I know it my eyes open to be lavished upon treasure to satisfy me. Having to have had all the fun offered in this land that never sleeps, upon a new journey we must go she speaks of.

On the verge of entering the ship heading to a new destination we seek, 3 steps up the stairs I take with my named being called which leads me to become frozen on the spot. Before I could turn my head to know where it is from, she rushes to grab hold of me from behind and whisper nothing but sweet love “I need you, I want you, Leave me not, You are mine and I am yours” When we take heed to such words like that, I’m sure the majority of us have our hearts beat faster than usual and we dwell in such smile.

My name called out once again yet did not turn around, for I showed no interest of knowing it was my name being called. For the third time my  name to be called out, though it was my name yet I knew not due to the adventure I was in that I was known not by my name but by my actions, with curiosity of the name being called out I chose to turn around just to know what this was all about.

My shoulder to be tapped by a light that is so strong with its presence, that I began to turn without thinking, having my eyes open as if it was the first time I was able to see clearly of what was ahead of me. Having to come into terms of the light on my shoulder that I seemed to have recognised yet having my mind going crazy trying to remind myself of where I have encounter it before, as I fall to the ground with my hands over my head trying to think hard what this presence is, a flicker of light pops near me on the ground, as I lift my head up noticing my surroundings, how the lighting seems to be moving gracefully as if I was dwelling in darkness, my stomach began to churn as if I ate human flesh, the everlasting place I thought I was living and enjoying myself in began to fade away into the distant, the flashing light of the city never having to sleep showed to be false light of a dying life, the very sweet wine I was drinking was only to be blood from the caged souls that were captured from wandering around lost from their homes.

As She grabs hold of my hands with her words of “Don’t dare leave me, Don’t dare walk away, We need to be together, Don’t tell me you despise all I gave you, When I gave you, you dared not complained about it, We should be together, Rather we should die together, Let’s be together”. Looking at her hand grabbing mine I begin to look up To see what is in front of me, seeing a being with His hands stretch forth towards me “My Son, My child” he speaks “You are my father?” I reply “Will you care to come home?” he says, yet having to reply “Home! I am home, I am with my lady that gave me life and home!” His response “Life you live not, for what you inherited from me is the life she sucks out to gain the power I poured in you”

Has I stand still listening intently to His words of “I have followed the trial of your dying soul calling out to me, missing the light that shines your soul to rest in grace. My son I breathed life into you, so dwell in death no longer, for you are here to escape the death that was swallowed away”.

“From death to life, From falling to rise, From wounded to healed, From lost to found, From darkness to light, From bondage to freedom I your father, indeed i dare not forsake you This path I have laid for you, Walk it for your treasure awaits you in the very home you left, i Seek to heal you, You have inherited every bit of greatness from me”

Having my eyes closed has I feel lifted up in grace calling out to me, ever so peacefully. “The very clothing I gave you, Clean it has always been, so wash yourself in the blood that pours to clean, Put on the attire of grace, Walk again in righteousness”.

Escape not from your home, but from this life that sickens your soul, the bondage you are in, I am here to set you free. I have enjoyed my time and I cannot lie that I have felt lost and dead at times, as much as the light has been brightly sparkling, ever so often darkness looms over like as if this city is cursed, every time I move to the next destination, I must only be leaving a cursed state to another one.

Here I am laying my eyes on my Father, fall to me knees for forgiveness, I am in need of your grace better yet I am in need to be clean. Before I make my first step to leave her, she grabs tight to my hand and says “You are not leaving, we are bound to be together” as my shoulder is touched by my Father hands, He speaks “He is free from your bound as He is a blessing” after those words her hands become loose and I was able to slide my hands out, focused on my walk forward, wanting to turn around to view her enchanting beauty, I knew I could not due to what it would lead me to, so continue my walk forward to the freedom that always awaited me back home.

Here I am able to escape from the very bondage I have been blind to, here I am escaping from the death that was calling me, her I am escaping from my infatuating that could never satisfy me, here I am escaping, not having to climb walls, trees or jump over obstacle but simply walking, could this my great escape as it is out of grace and peace that I am escaping to freedom?

by Hakeem Ajadi



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