Job Searching




I sought to find myself work

work my days away

feeling my days to just exist enough

that yes i did something today

today i existed enough

to wake u

brush my teeth

take a bath

dress myself

pack my bags

walk out of the door

arrive at work

and sit on a desk

where my existence withers away

each day is worth living

as i get to live each day existing enough

knowing should bother me.


I sought to find work

a job filled with Joy

A job i know that i am still living

my words to speak life

daily i smile

just to brighten your day

i do not sit in my chair

for up and about i am

with my hands

may i lay them on you

for Blessing i am to pass onto you

I sought to find work

finding a job never easy to do

days of depression

yet days of Joy

but one thing in common about these days

i encounter

they are days worth living

knowing my God still lives

i will find a job

not for my benefit

but for the benefit of those i come across


I sought to find work

which is better

a job for me to exist


a job where i can truly be alive

that my passing days are never wasted?


when looking for work to do

allow creativity to flow from you

allow passion to not dry up within you

allow joy to be ever present that it invites other

pray each day

for success you shall be in finding work

you will enjoy

may the grace of God dwell in you as you stay strong in searching.





Clothed in Doubt





Awake to go to work


So I pray before I do anything else


Prayer is a wonderful way to start the day


Why then does a situation appear


And I remain static too do nothing about it


My unbelief has taking place in my heart


I have stripped off the clothes of mercy


Only to be clothed in distrust/doubt


Giving me the ability to not move


Giving me the ability to not trust


Such shackles that can be break


But too comfortable to even dare to have it removed by someone


Having my mouth be sealed willingly


It’s not as if that’s what I want

But that’s what’s it want me to be and I let it be

With the state that I am


And I chose to accept it


My willingness to rejected the faith I had in God


I am a believer in God with my lips to move


So why does my belief not move into existence?


So get on my knees

With my head bowed down

And call on his name

In prayer of;


Oh father Lord

I come to you

In need of mercy

In need of cleanse from my weakness

Strengthen me Lord as I am weak on bendded knees

My bones are withering away

Breathe life into me Lord

My soul is ill-fated, rest to depart from it

I call out to you father Lord

How long would I wait

How long would I wait Lord?

Be of hearer of my prayers



powerful your word to be as you speak

Such word to have created the earth

Such word to create the sky

Such word to create the sea

Such word to create I

Indeed, such word spoken to bring life

And life we are to live in

In total refuge in you

For your words I know brings hope

Has it brought life to me

My shield you are so here I am

Speak to me Lord and lead me

For with you I plan to be with



I stand still

In marvel of you

I stand still allowing you to do thy work

I stand still

As I cannot move

I stand still

As I won’t move

My eyes see it all

Your Glory shows

In refuge I am in

My help

You are

I fear not for your right hand is up

In order to forever protect me

My Lord I thank you always

For indeed

I am in the safest hand



Tug of war

Holding on for dear life

Letting go, no more

Defeated no more

Overflowing love

The smoothest move of unconditional love

Indeed, I am held

Hold me to leave me not

Loved and not left

Kept and strengthened

Indeed, a love that can penetrate

Anything and everything in the way



My feet to steadily

Wait on my Lord

My destiny that I my Lord

I seek further more

I see not what is seen

But eternity he is

For he is unseen


Beautifully, I see not but believe

Blind I am yet I see

I believe without having to see

My eyes stay closed but I see

Indeed, my faith is at work, dining with the Lord

How they speak putting my soul at rest

Indeed, the unseen is evident

But my belief lives

For my faith lies on him that is

And with him being around my faith cannot be alone

But comes back to make me smile




I opened my eyes

To such ugly beauty of a death

I opened my eyes to see myself in him

I opened my eyes to feel cleansing going on

I saw myself dying on a Cross I knew I was not on

Yet crucified I still endured

He became a life

That died to yet rise again

So I died with him to rise

Knowing I gain the only life that is Christ is living in me


Faith is my path

Faith is my best friend

Faith is my life

And to be lost no more

But know my purpose

And the only home I am to reach


Will it be funny?

To have this prayer of mine not dwell in his presence of mercy

Will I choose to remain in unbelief?

To dance to the devil’s music of distrust

Will his lies continue to soothe my soul?

My soul?

My soul to be soothed by his lies

It is a lie in its self.

For my soul is chained up to rot

So what does his lies soothe exactly but my flesh

Will every day be another chance to grow in my faith in Him?

Merciful, wonderful, merciful God.