Dare I Fear Temptation

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Dare I fear Temptation

The kindest word I could ever obtain is the word of God,

For it declares the truth and such truth permitting me to live free

From burden and discern for sure God is in control

My Lord take control

Endlessly expressing to me his plan of goodness

Hence why you’re a Worthy God.

With my desires I offer temptation to seek me and lure me.

With my desires I am an aim to temptations

With my desires I have the choice to fall into temptation

With my desires I am calling on temptation to come at me

How I plead myself to have my life to be in total control of God

That my reliance in Him only puts hope in tomorrow

But with my worry to be existing only to eat me up every hour

So I am here to accept such proposal to rejoice and praise him

For my peace you are

For this I can abide in my Lord who defeats all

For tempted he was but fell he did not come to

For tempted I will constantly be, but aid He forever delivers

Leave all unto him to heal me daily

For my strength rely on him and him alone.

This time I have

This day I have

This hour I have

My God I call

My Lord I call

My knowing of a God who heeds attentively to such words I speak

Here I am to pray

Here I am to thank you

Here I am to know that you are my God

Unto you I leave all

Unto you I rejoice

Unto you I know you are my God

My heart will daily seek you

My mind will know it needs you

My soul will be at rest

For Christ is there

The peace of God you are

Such peace you rain on me

Thank you Lord

My prayers will not be wasted on anything

But be a direction to you my Lord

How much more can I dwell in him

How much more can I know my weaknesses are demolished and exchanged with the strength that he is

Such temptation that will always be around but so is the Lord that can never leave nor forsake me

My Lord to be my pillar

My Lord to be my sanctuary

My Lord to be my forte

My Lord to be my stronghold

My Lord to not have sinned but only be the way that I have no purpose to sin

Every day is a battle

Every day I fall

On my knees I am

How the devil laughs

Supposing he got me

Weak I am

Naked I am

Clothed I need to be

So one thing I am to do

That is submit my all to God

Having him to clothe me

Having him to strengthen me

Having to raise my head up high

Shouting aloud with Amen

So indeed the devil flees for cover

Coming to grasp the fact of me offering my battle to the Lord

So indeed I am to be victorious

Having to close my eyes

Having my mind to be blank

Having my heart to be empty

Having every being of me to be blank and of nothing in it

This day came that such light

Such creation of life to wake up in me

With the establishment of His love

With the planting of his grace

With the ulfilling of his power

With the planting of a rested soul in Him

Everything to have started in darkness

With light to overtake

To replenish me

Coming together with the Lord that makes all things beautiful

He spoke the most precious poetry into my life

To be breathing in such grace I am to forever dwell

Through our Lord Jesus Christ

We are to live

Through our Lord Jesus Christ

We are to rejoice

Through our Lord Jesus Christ

Death has no grip on us

Through our Lord Jesus Christ

Mercy we dwell in

Through our Lord Jesus Christ

We live on eternally

Death we walk through

To live a life of cleansing

To live a life of forgiveness

To live a life of love

To live the life God as forever offered us

Sin as no dominion

Where indeed is your sting?

Here we are to stamp over you and walk in victory of our Lord as offered us to dwell in.

Righteously I we are to live

I righteously I we are to live

Righteously I we are to become through our Lord Jesus Christ

That not only died but live

Not only allowed us to die with him but live on with him

So dead we became but alive we shall be now

God to be full of Goodness

God to be the only goodness I seek

For there is no goodness in this world but Him alone

How he calls me to walk and live out a life with him

How he sets my path, for me to not lose my way

How he is the lamp I hold up high to see my way

How he is the truth I am speak for ever more because freedom I am to live in

When with him everything that is to happen

For my good and for his glory

So indeed glory be unto God always

Such purpose he has for me so

Walk in the purpose with faith

Knowing he is in control

What he as for me is for great things?

And the light that he is

Will shine through me.

I, to be a young man

My Elohim

I call out

Such battle I am to prepare for

So Lord

Lend me the whole armour

That is from you

For I am to stand strong

Against the wiles of the devil

I am to strike

Every attack fired against me

I am to remain confidence

In your word you speak towards me

I am to be strong not my own strength

But your strength alone Lord

To be in your power of might

Defeat is to never be an option.

How peaceful I am to live

With thine eyes seek unto the Lord

Such a prince to have walked this earth

A prince that was amongst thief

But with such hands to not steal

But only lend himself

Himself to pour out peace and grace

Perfect peace to only be achieved

When I know where my hope is directed at

The everlasting Lord, that is who he is

Will provide the everlasting strength I need

To maintain in the peace he is willing to provide daily

Be sober, be vigilant

Be vigilant, be sober

Not drunk with wine

Like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour

Could never be a lion to ever devour

Steadfast in faith I stay

Resistance I will be against him

Awareness of my surround I shall be

Blind I will not be

As I see him approaching me

Run away I dare not do

But stand strong in faith I shall

Submit myself to the Lord, I seek to do

Resist him surely I will accomplish

Flee from me you serpent of failure

The finding of His Kingdom, to be the finding of no worry to invade

His Kingdom to be filled with the provision of all with no evil

Today I live, today I may die

Should then my mind, heart, soul worry about the coming of tomorrow

For surely tomorrow is not promised

This day I battle my enemy

And this day I have all I need to overcome my enemy

When tomorrow comes it comes

Surely I worry not for his Kingdom I seek

For all that I need will be given unto me

Glory unto this Lord

That diminishes my worry

And have me trust in Him.

By Tobi Ajadi


James 1:14 , Hebrews 2:18, Hebrews 4:15, Romans 6:6-13, Matthew 6:27, Philippians 4:6-7, 2 Timothy 1:7, Romans 8:28, Isaiah 26:3-4, Matthew 6:33-34

ephisians 6


.proverbs 12 25


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