No excuse poem

Summer time
Boy meets girl
Summer love
Summer lust
To never last

Having him to only dive
in to the pool off rejection
Rejection of disrespecting
God’s purpose of the
Pool of purity
With him to only come out
Naked and tied up to her soul
Of uncleanness

To only dwell in questions of
How did i get here?
Thinking to himself
should I have gone in her?
To only come out feeling so disgusting
So wet they was
Wetness of worthless pool

The action of
God, I love you but
Erm, I got to have her
beautiful God providing such gift
With them to disrespect in
A way of only denying His presence

Words of Loving her
With no courage to live that Love for her
He felt something for her
But loving her could surely not be
To be deceive by a heart that surely isn’t fully purified
Yet to go forward in following His heart of deception

The touch of deceive
In allowing her to feel safe with him
In the way of her wanting more
He had to know what He was doing right?
Getting to a point where she loved Him so
But He was at the point of idea
To not love her so
But only thinking he did

days to have passed
His past to have caught up
Phone call of
I am late
The word late isn’t that pleasing
In anyway
How he froze
Shocked and disappointed
Yet scared

His mind of I would never be in
This situation
Well here he is now in the situation of His life
To be pro life
Until this situation of past
Action taking place

He fully got the call to wake up
All He cud do was ask question
How sure are you that your late?
Will you please get checked up?
Do you want to keep it?
Such a phone call To only leave His heart to beat faster than ever
A situation he thought He would never be in
Days of thinking
Days of praying
Days of knowing how unworthy He is of Gods mercy
It was only said how He wanted to go inside Her
Now He can see what comes out of her

He went searching to find comfort
Comfort to say she might not be pregnant
What a fool
Running running He thought to only do
Face what he started he could not do
Such a coward
Such a Hypocrite
To not be able o accept the consequence of taking part
In something worth the wait
With the right day to Be when God says it’s time

Days after only to get a call
Again by her
To only give the news of
I am not pregnant
Him to say 100% sure?
Though she was happy
He also was yet
Havin the action to make sure He can
Get as far away from her as possible
He decided to run
Let go off her
Trying to make an excuse that she caused it
Did she?
She was beautiful
She was nice
She did reveal herself only to him
Yet to reveal so much
Allowing to only be such a predator In making her feel too comfortable with Him
Making her want it more than Him

Who is to blame but Him
He asked for it but not like this
Yet He got the news He wanted
But doesn’t mean He was fine
For guilt he still seemed to dwell in

Him to have been me
To still have the Sin in me
It had to go away
I needed that help for it to go away
How weak I was with guilt in me
How I danced with it
I know God forgives yet
His messages, His guide His love
I was willing to ignore
For a moment of passion
To almost lead to a lifetime of regret

Only one thing I had to do is murder myself
I need to share all I had done
Confess so badly to a God
I need right now
He saved me
What a slap He gave to remind me of what I took part of
To lifetime of selling His sell
So God please help me
Not to only
know your word but live it

This Sin in me
Is in need to be uprooted out of me
So That the death of you
Needs to be resurrected in Me
So that perfection of you can be the testimony to speak and live through me

I’m sorry God
I’m sorry to her
I’m sorry to my soul
As I beat you up
So I have no excuse
But blame myself
So sin it’s time for our final Goodbye
So sin just leave me
Not In need of your hate
sugar coated with fake love
But for you to
leave let me
Here I am to save you the trouble
By me leaving you

Here’s me leaving
I know where I have to go so please don’t follow as you will not be accepted there
I carry on my race of the good race
To not be too fast yet not run out of gas
all thanks to you My Lord
I don’t have to fix myself
Here is my final confession of the day
I shall not go back yet I shall not leave my God
For your open arms I run towards
To be sheltered by your Love
Please Forgive me
And remind me daily of your amazing Grace.

Whatever we take part in
Can rather eat us up
Or lift us up
I am to confess His name
For what took part in are me up
In knowing
I allowed the devil
To enjoy the show of
Lustrous living
As I came across the mercy & Grace
Of God
I can only submit myself to Him
To only be clothed by His bliss
Knowing I am in safe hands of
Pure comfort to not fade away

By Tobi Ajadi