Some to praise in silent
Some to praise aloud
Know to praise truthfully
So here I am to
Praise the silent
Praise the spirit the moves like the wind
Praise the coming of Lord
Praise the renewal mercy He pours
Praise the words of truth
Allowing His truth to set us free
Freedom to live for a God who breathed life into us
Making us to be out of dust
In the image of such perfection of his beauty
Praise to be so powerful as it
speaks on The Lord who lives

Though our sins may be plenty, and our sinful crave increases; though we fall short to His Glory daily, and we put ourself on the throne of God; though our Guilt tends to reduce our lack to pray, which leads our prayers to be less said to be heard from a God who awaits our calling to save us;

Know the power planted in you
To only stand strong against our wrongs but strive to live for right, for what’s left is what’s not needed, so I will rejoice in the Lord, I will rejoice in the God of my deliverance. To deliver me from the wicked, To lead me to where he wants me to be.
To be Bathed in the perfection of His Blood, To resurrect every dead being in me.

Let me offer up a sacrifice of praise to my Elohim, which is the fruit from my lips to confess his name. Has my Lord and saviour, Confessing His name to know only his name Saves.

How He invites us with
Arms wide open
To have died with
His arms wide open
Raise up with
His arms wide open
Open arms he welcome us
To Be read in His book of life

Offering my time
Offering my speech
Offering my mind to be confused, to understand he is Lord
Offering a heart that deceives so he can circumcise it

Having to not bleed no more, for He bled it all.
My soul to fly, filled with a speech to praise His name

By Tobi Ajadi