My Lord, My God

My heart
Giving by you
such joy
Provided by you
A laid path for me
In control by you
My future
To dine with you
My pains
Keeps me closer to you
Peace I have
For I know you
My thoughts
Shows how great you are
My voice
To praise you
Yes praise

Such love poured on us

Having love to
Came down
Born in a manger
Lived to serve us
Accepted our hate
Accepted our sin
Yet with the strength to
Propose to us
On the cross
His love to touch our hearts
In a way for us to unite
With a voice full of praise

Such love of His
mercy to the sinners
faithfulness to the faithless
protection to the weak

Having love to flow through me
towards you
Such love
displayed on the cross
So we receive
To display His love

How he got ridiculed
Having him being whipped
How he got slashed
Having him being mocked
Such table we set for him
Such death of injustice
Against an innocent man
Of unconditional love for us all

My tears
Wiped away by him
My success
All thanks to him
My soul
Rested on him

My Lord
My God
Allow me to glorify your name the more

Step by step I walk
Smile by smile I have
Love by love I give
With you
O, Lord
My strength is renewed
With you
O, Lord
I live to not suffer in Vain

All there is to say
Thank You
Father Lord
You have me & you kept me
The way that I am
You plan to not forsake me
Such time you lend
Here is me to use it in
Giving you my life

Jesus with those arms you died with
Wide open
Rose up with
Arms Wide open
I’m running to hold you
Comfort can only be given by

With your light shining
I shall not be
I shall not have
But your safety
Is what keeps me strong
running a race to win
Waking up each day with
The Full Armour of God

By Tobi Ajadi


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