A homily from Faith

Hello, I’m Faith
I see your hardship
Your pain
Your worries
Your hate
There seems to be no room
For me to enter
I come to fight for you
Not against you
I was sent to set you free
From them all

You are God’s Child
Meaning having me
Would include the family
Of love

We basically come together
We come for you
We Love you

I have News
A future News
I Faith
Come to give you hope
Come to give you safety
Come to give you goodness

I only come from the Heavenly Father
Who awaits your presence
So would you please
Stop trying to do it all yourself
I promise you
It won’t be a good ending
You know the merciful Father
Is worthy to be
Trusted On
Have faith
I know it’s very hard
And you want it when you want it

But His Love
Shows because
He does it when you need it
He has plans for you
Trust In Him
Let me come in

Here is
The shield of Faith
Thy father has got for you
Plus these others
And belt of truth
The truth of Faith
Have faith in God
And you’ll be fine

Good news of peace
God is protecting you
Sword of spirit
Read the word of God
We have doubts to slay
Helmet of Salvation
You’re in good hands;
God’s Hands!

You’re broken?
Come to Church
Hear the word of God
You’re weak?
Get on your knees
Pray to God
He is the listener that answers

Trouble will hit you hard, but
As I am faith
While you have me
You’ll be just fine
Don’t give in
Don’t give up
Stand strong
Stay faithful
As the Elohim’s faithfulness
Is waiting for you
To come back to Him

So yeah
More trouble will come
But God wants you
To get that warrior out of you
Fight doubt
Hope in the Lord
Believe in the Lord
Have faith in Him
I know you can do it
As Christ is in you

*Remember you have friends to help you remain Faithful

By Tobi Ajadi


Unconditional love through our omission

Fail is
To be unable to achieve a goal
Yet the ability to neglect something that needs to be done

God? As in the Elohim, the King of kings, the one and only that reigns supreme

My question is
How often do we fail him?
Too often we fail
To fail a God that can never fail us
Such behaviour to neglect such a God

To be lusting for His Job
Living our life in schizo
Living our life to be the God of ourself
For some to say
I don’t need God
But to not need him
Is to not need love right?

As I speak I could simply say
Thank you God for these poems
For as of right now
I have got it in control
So you can go
For you have done enough

But understand
For us to have the wheel of our life
Will only lead us to crash
Crash flat on our back
Fallen down
For fallen men we have become
Fallen short of His Glory we do
But God
Who so purposely
Pours His mercy
To so purposely
Raise us up
As He fully raised up
Three days in the tomb
Slapping death
Till he resurrects up
Into His Kingdom of love

Our daily living
Days where we feel our belief dying daily
As we daily fail him
But God
Who daily lives
To forgive
And still love
How He daily lives
To not Give us up
To have us planted in His hands of perfection

Having Him being the author of our faith
We are to stand strong
Never doubt
Trust him
For we fail
Leaving him to get nailed
For he bled
So we can be saved
Having us to fail no more
Keeping us from stumbling is a God who reigns

We launch our voice with praise
He launches His love
Towards us With a catapult
Of unconditional Love
Raising our hands
For him to grab hold of us

By Tobi Ajadi