Never stop praising

Day to day i live to praise his name
A King to have Been Born in a manger.
A Messiah to have rode on a donkey.
A Saviour to know there is no one greater.

His name to be Christ
To describe, Wow so Amazing, graceful His Love to be Forever Eternal. Blood He shed. Sins He cleansed to make lives saved.

His light, For us to follow. Our soul, for Him to keep. Our faults, He knows of. For our problems, He fixed them. His death was never wasteful, so we can get on our Knees to thank Him. Day to day to grow loving those that hate. Our family, to pray for. Our faith to grow stronger, as our trust lies in him. So His praises, He deserves that.

His love, To feel that.
Our love, To share that. Your beauty, He created that, Leaving your tears wiped Away. As our joy remains on him, we are to grow stronger no gym. Waking up today only to realise he gives us more time, to lend him our hearts, our mind and our sight. Our future, He holds that. For our treasure He became that. As our ending To resurrect with him.

The journey of Such resurrection, To go home. Back to out roots but that surely aint Africa. My God, the Alpha and Omega. He Reigns, His truth, Sets me free. His coming back, let’s await.

Having to have lived a life of claiming to love Him but with such actions to reject His grace. So my New life began with an ugly view but for a beautiful purpose. My Saviour to have Died on the cross while other Kings died with no cause. Christ to have Rose up while other Kings stay down. Christ to serve always. Him to be the Prince of Peace, Prince amongst thieves but never stole, willingly she’d peace so you and I can dwell in it.

For some but many
For you, I and we to have lived in such lukewarm lifestyle
Understand the almost Christian meaning of looking right but living wrong. Know God is not an almost saviour.

For our sinful lifestyle is the death we deserve, but Christ stepped in on a day to save all men and till this day He plans to save all men, where he blood to bathe us all, so it beautifully raises us up.

To those that me be lost, the pathway that his Christ, is the pathway of knowing who you are in the perfection of Him in you, to those that may be blind understand the walk of faith not by sight as you reach him, you are to see the light of His Love, and to those that may be sick, as you consume him only one thing happens and that is the healing of everything in you that seems to be dying.

So to all that claim to Love Jesus.
Praise God Now, for later may never come.
Praise God Now, for tomorrow may never come.
Praise God Now, like u just lost ur life but gained a new one in Christ.

Let me finish to Glorify His name
Glory be to God for He does works
Beyond what could imagine
Or ask for
Glory Be To Him
Now, Always & forever more

By Tobi Ajadi


2 thoughts on “Never stop praising

  1. Tobi, that was really beautiful . On a level, may GOD continue to uphold and strengthen u lovely x


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